A dovecote (often spelt dove cote, or dovecot), also known as doocot, pigeon cote, columbarium or culvery is an ornamental bird house for doves, pigeons and wild birds. Many people even use them just as garden ornaments.

Our Range of Dovecotes

All of our dovecotes are built to order and are made out of the finest materials which are sourced locally in Lincolnshire. As you've probably noticed our designs don't exactly match the traditional model but that was exactly our intention. We wanted to try something a little different and we're proud of the results. Take our Woodlands Dovecote for example, it's made from 18mm & 22mm Redwood Timber which gives it a very solid structure and is finished off with a natural slate roof. Not many dovecotes can boast of such fine materials and craftmanship.

This is our current range of dovecotes:

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Woodlands Dovecote £435